Stronger Ties with Congenial Organizations in Poland Established

2016-12-28 - 1 minutė perskaityti

In beginning of December, Alano klubas organized a weekend travel to Poland, which ended in a town of Augustow. We used the occasion to meet the founders and current members of sobriety club „Tęcza“(„Rainbow“).

Alano klubas organized a trip to visit the multicultural palace commemorating the youth of poet, Nobel prize winner Czeslaw Milosz, monasteries in Sejny and Wigry, the remnants of former largest castle in the region in Dowspuda. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, we parked our microbus in Augustow.

Augustow is a town located on the Netta river and Augustow channel, today it has 30 thous residents.

One can find local Sobriety club “Tęcza” (“Rainbow”) on Księdza Skorupki street 6. It rents its premises from local Caritas.

Abstinentų klubas "Tęcza" Augustave, Ks. Skorupki gatvėje

The founders and members of club reminisced that the first clubs for the sober people were founded in Poland 30 years ago, upon advice of psychotherapist for sobering alcoholics to find a place for their leisure activities.

Today, the club rents the premises for meeting of local AA group; also, support group and Al-Anon groups meet here; one evening per week there are meetings for women with a specialist to discuss arising co-dependency and other issues.

Su bendraminčiais bendravome prie arbatos puodelių

Sharing the cup of tea, Alano klubas representatives discussed other issues with Polish colleagues, and exchange invitations to visit each other next year.

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